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Your staircase isn’t just about going to bed or getting up in the morning. It’s the proud centrepiece of your home and should be a reflection of who you are.

Our hand built, bespoke staircases are thoughtfully fitted to the form of your home, with the durability to make the climb upstairs or journey back down as stylish and seamless as possible.

bespoke stairs

Our expert joiners will work with you to create a fitted bespoke staircase that matches the aesthetic of your home, as well as meets the practical requirements that the structure demands.

From straight to spiral, winding to continuous, while the dimensions of your house may somewhat dictate what can be built, our expert craftsmanship and commitment to the finest timber and materials will ensure a staircase not only built to last, but custom built to remember.

A bespoke staircase should always add depth and function to a home – dimension, scale, accessibility, aesthetic and durability. These are all things to consider when working with our expert joiners in East Sussex.  Should the luxury staircase be a focal point for everyone to enjoy?  Or a thoughtfully fitted piece, built into the existing structure to maximise space?

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Bespoke Staircases

You can work directly with our bespoke joinery to design, build and fit a custom hand built staircase of your own that meets the needs of your house. Choose from hardwood or softwood, with a range of timbers to not only complement your interior design but enhance it.

Our joiners in Lewes can help you realise any creative vision you may have, but there are always tried and tested traditional ideas to help inspire you:

  • Custom Straight Stairs
  • L Shaped Stairs
  • U Shaped Stairs
  • Winder Stairs
  • Spiral Stairs
  • Fitted Curved Stairs
  • Hand built Cantilever Stairs
  • Staircase Ladders

So, whatever your staircase needs in Lewes and the South East, our expert joiners are committed to ensuring you receive the highest quality bespoke staircase solutions made from the perfect materials and with a professional service.