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Your view on the beautiful world outside, and a mood-lifting source of natural light, windows play a crucial part in transforming your house into a well insulated home.

Our bespoke windows and frames are created to seamlessly complement the style of your property and enhance both the exterior and interior of your home.

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bespoke windows

Whether you’re looking for a traditional style to match your existing windows, or something more contemporary to update your home, we can build and fit a range of bespoke windows to suit your needs.

With expert knowledge and experience of the unique challenges and requirements for joinery for listed properties Rise Joinery can help you create beautiful bespoke windows, including:


  • Sash windows are a quintessential feature of Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian houses, often preserved in conservation and listed areas.
  • Rise Joinery are a timber window manufacturer who specialises in matching these beautiful traditional sash windows with new sash windows, perfectly in keeping with a building’s unique charm and character, even with specialist double glazing.

Yorkshire light, Sash windows

  • Originating from Yorkshire as the name suggests, these characterful Yorkshire Light Sash Windows are the predecessors to the vertical sliding sash windows, having a channel or a couple of sash wheels that allow them to move from side to side.
  • Rise Joinery are a specialist timber window manufacturer who have made many Yorkshire Lights that can be seen in historical homes around Lewes and the surrounding areas, designed to work perfectly in harmony with original building.

Casement windows

  • Timber casement windows may normally be thrown open to greet the day, although they can be constructed to open inwards.  They date back as far as the 1700s.
  • There have been lots of innovations and designs to the way glass is arranged within the window.
  • Rise Joinery design and make all sorts of bespoke casement windows including beautifully crafted French Casement bespoke windows which have no central mullion, opening up on the world with a completely clear view.

Bay windows

  • Bespoke Bay and Bow windows can be an absolutely stunning statement feature in your home.
  • Normally made of three sections they are designed to create a curve projecting past the front of the rest of the building allowing more space in your room.
  • Making Bay and Bow bespoke windows is a complex job for skilled joiners, and Rise joinery are proud of the many lovely Bay and Bow windows we have made as well as some perfectly matching windows seats.

Bespoke Windows

Windows come in all shapes and sizes. They can transform the exterior of your home, enhance your living space and even provide health benefits by ensuring you have plenty of natural light. But to enjoy all the benefits of bespoke, hand-crafted windows, it’s important to ensure they are suited to your property and your requirements.

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As a bespoke joinery company in East Sussex, we’re able to build and fit windows to a wide range of individual needs. It may be that you need traditional, single-glazed panes to complement an existing style, incorporating the exact moulding and details currently fitted at your property. In this case we can perfectly match your windows, seamlessly incorporating new frames and glass and ensuring a consistent aesthetic throughout your home. By using Slimlite double glazing approved for use on many listed buildings it is possible to match existing windows single glazed windows, but with the benefit of double glazing.

At the other end of the scale, we can produce and fit more contemporary window technology, panes, draught-proofing and venting. Our expert joiners will ensure that whatever style you choose enhances the look and feel of your property, both internally and externally.

Whatever your joinery needs in Lewes and the South East, from bespoke windows and doors to kitchens and fitted furniture, our expert joiners are committed to ensuring you receive the highest quality bespoke solutions. That means meticulous craftsmanship, quality raw materials and unparalleled service that comes as standard.

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For a free visit and consultation about how to make the most out of your view on the world get in touch today.

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